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Below is a partial list of some of the reports produced as part of our regular account analysis:

Analysis Summary Letter

Multiple Account Summary

Account Profit/Loss Summary

Securities Profit/Loss Detail

Securities Profit/Loss Summary by Security,
Largest Loss or Category

Securities Profit/Loss Matched Trade Detail

Securities Holding Period

Securities Profit/Loss Matched Trade
by Opening Transaction

Realized/Unrealized Profit/Loss

Initiated Transaction Profit/Loss

Margin Interest and Fees Detail

Cash In/Out Detail


Property In/Out Detail

Month to Month Gain/Loss

Monthly Net Investment and Equity

Account Performance (Rate of Return)

Dividend and Interest Detail

Chronological Account Activity

Turnover & Commission Analysis Summary
by Year

Commission Equity Summary by Year

Commission Analysis of Purchases and Sales
     by Year

Performance Comparison Against Various Indices

Charts, Graphs and Special Exhibits


Expert Financial Analysis Reports Testimony Securities Trading Litigation