Expert Forensic Analysis Reports Testimony Securities Fraud Expert Forensic Analysis Reports Testimony Securities Fraud

Does your staff have the time and experience?


Are you overwhelmed by the data?


What is the cost of being unprepared?

Let Riverside Financial Group help
Riverside Financial Group is a recognized leader of innovative, cost-effective forensic analysis and expert testimony. We provide analysis, consulting and testimony to attorneys dealing with claims and complaints, internal investigations, regulatory interrogatories, compliance reviews, trade reporting audits and disciplinary actions involving a wide variety of investment products.

Litigation support is our business
Whether or not you have an in-house analytical team, Riverside Financial Group analysts provide the information you need for successful securities litigation, early dispute resolution and compliance reviews while eliminating multi-vendor administrative overhead and minimizing disruptions. Our experience with brokerage firms allows us to work closely with your attorneys, paralegals and administrators to provide the analysis you need immediately, without delay.

bullet  All the advantages of an in-house analytical department without the expense of maintaining an in-house analytical group or
bullet  Supplement your teamís efforts during periods where the caseload is overwhelming or urgent

Our analysis and testimony have never been successfully challenged.


Expert Forensic Analysis Reports Testimony Securities Fraud